mardi 5 septembre 2006

Une façon d'apprécier le marché du e-reader...

watchWhere do you see the trend towards all-in-one devices (a phone/camera/PDA/internet ready device) stopping, if anywhere?

"Hopefully with a slim device that fits in my hand, plays music and high-res video, takes pictures, shoots video, plays Doom3, connects to the internet at LAN speed and has a spout to dispense hot tea on demand.
In the further future, I'd like a slim leather-bound book with proper e-paper and TFT "pages". This can be my personal reading/reference library, video playback and organiser device.
I do think having an e-book (which could contain thousands of real books in a relatively small amount of storage) would be very cool, and I'll be one of the first in line when they finally crack e-paper."

Mat Brown, founder of MoblogUK, one of the internet's major picture blogging websites, interviewed in

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